Marathon Run (12pm Start!)
Run #1941

Sunday, 10/13/19, 12:00 PM
East Vernon Street & Fanwood Avenue, E Vernon St & Fanwood Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815
Pillsbury Blow Boy; Special Head; Tiny Bubbles
Bring beer to the pre-hash event.

From the 405 Freeway, exit Bellflower and head South. Turn left at 23rd Street (by McDonalds). Street ends at Ocana. Turn left on Ocana. Ocana ends at Vernon. Turn right and go a block and a half and LFH before you get to Fanwood Avenue at the end of the street.

From the hares:

Cum celebrate Special and Pillsbury's 10th time haring an El BM Sunday trail (if you want to get technical, last year ended up being a Signal Hill, so 9th and PBB's 15th LBM trail). Heck, celebrate Tiny B. maybe haring his 5th! Note the noon start and note that we are in a different location than where we hand out beer, though we would like good attendance at both.

Taco Beach - Bellflower Blvd, 2099 N Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90815