I Don't Swallow Farewell Run (“Leather and Lace 2”)
Run #1914

Thursday, 4/25/19, 6:30 PM
5898 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805
Clark Cunt; Cumchata; Whoremonie
$5 for On After (wrist bands will be given)

From the 91, exit Cherry/Garfield. Head South. Or from 405, exit Cherry. Head North. Park behind McDonalds on the east side of the street.

From the hares:

Yes, you read right—my farewell trail! I plan on leaving LBH3 and Calif. I have had a great time and made some wonderful and lasting friendships, but this won't be goodbye, because anytime I visit Long Beach I will HASH! Thank you Tim The Toolman Gaylord and Top Cum for bringing me to the HASH. I will never forgive you!

As usual when I Hare I want the pack to have a good time, relieve some stress and have a beer ( or ) 2, so I will combine all my runs into 1 trail! Prepare yourself for a great time full of fun, surprises and BEER!!!!

You will need Leather/Lace Whips and Chains!!!! ID on trail is a must, extra cash for Go Go dancers and bars along the way (if there are any) Transportation and on board entertainment will be provided.
Well, I think that's it, see you at Hare Lies!

The Crest, 5935 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805