Superhero Hangover Run!
Run #1905

Sunday, 2/24/19, 10:00 AM
34.1181781, -118.2951667
Bust Her Hymen; Hokey Tokey; Soaked Wood

There isn't a specific address for the start, use the coordinates above or plus code "4P93+7W Los Angeles, California". If you need a specific address that's 'close' use 2650 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, which is the Roosevelt Golf Course about 150 yds southeast of the actual start. DO NOT park there, as it is NOT the start.

Take the I-5 Fwy and exit Los Feliz Blvd, which will turn left (southwest actually). Continue on Los Feliz to Hillhurst Ave., turn right, then right onto N. Vermont Ave., which turns slightly right and becomes N. Vermont Canyon Rd. Turn left on Vista Del Valle Dr. and LFH in parking lot "B".

From the hares:

It's the day after the Los Angeles Super Hero Hash and the hares still want to save the day by laying a trail for Long Beach in LA. And what better way to save the day than have 3 Latinos lay trail? Each Hare has their secret identity. Hokey's secret Identity is Super Fly, Bust'er is the Large Ambassador, and Fond of Dudes turns into just Fonda at night. So cum on down, bring your shiggy socks and shoes and drive from LBH3. It's only a 45 min drive!

1739 Public House, 1739 North Vermont, Los Angeles, CA 90027