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Ortega Campout 2018

Join LBH3 as we cummemorate our 1869th run with a jam-packed campout!

There will be shiggalicious trails, Tent-to-tent, Talent Show, Chili-Cookoff Contest, Beer-Kilted Yoga, Hash Olympics, swimming, beer all weekend, and more! đźŤ»

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Friday July 20th – Sunday July 22nd


$79.69 through June 14th
$89.69 through July 13th
$99.69 through the day of the event


Ortega Oaks RV Park & Campground
34040 Ortega Hwy, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Directions from the I-5

  • Exit CA-74/Ortega Highway.
  • Head east on Ortega Hwy for 19 miles.
  • Campground entrance will be on the right-hand side (turn near the candy store’s parking lot).


Times are subject to change because we may be drunk and/or hungover.


AnytimeCum! Organizers will arrive ~2pm
3 pmKegs tapped
5 pm – 7 pmCheck in
7 pmPotluck & chili cook-off
9 pmTent-to-tent

Chili Cook-Off Contest, Potluck, and Tent-to-Tent crawl! Sign up to prepare your famous chili, otherwise bring your favorite camping side dish or dessert to share with others. This does not mean drop food off for someone else to cook/prepare!

After dinner there will be a tent-to-tent drink crawl. NO, you do not have to host the entire hash inside your tent. You can set up outside your tent or anywhere you choose in our very large, very private campground. If you are interested in hosting the hash at your tent, prepare a libation for others to enjoy. The best tent gets a prize!

Saturday morning

8 am or soonerBreakfast
9 amBeer-kilted yoga
11 am1869th run (hares away at 10:45)

Breakfast followed by Beer-Kilted Yoga! Bring your mat, kilt, and vessel to breathe in your beer and breathe out your responsibilities.

Saturday afternoon

After trailLunch
After lunchCircle
4 pmHash olympics

Hares off at 11 am for a shiggalicious trail. Down downs and lunch after trail. Take a nap or hang by the pool and get ready for Hasholympics.

Saturday night

6:30 pmDinner
8 pmTalent show
9 pmMovie
Midnight or soonerMidnight naked run

Catered BBQ dinner and then enjoy the sights and sounds of our talented hashers in our very own Hasher Talent Show.

Sunday morning

8 am or soonerBreakfast
11 amHangover trail (hares away at 10:45)
No set checkout time from the campground

Breakfast and Hangover Hash.

Fill out your rego form online right now!


What do I get for the rego cost?

The weekend price includes camping fees, BEER flowing all weekend at the campground and the end of each run, Saturday and Sunday morning Cuntinental Breakfast, lunch after trail on Saturday, and catered dinner on Saturday night. The campground has BBQs, water, toilets, & showers. Dogs and kids are allowed, but must be leashed at all times.

What should I bring?

Your own tent (unless you enjoy sleeping under the stars or you’re smooth enough to talk someone into sharing their tent with you), any food or alcohol you personally require that is not listed above and thereby will not be provided by the event. Bring an item for potluck. You will need water for the Saturday trail… it will be HOT!

Full packing list: camping gear, tent, sleeping bag, WATER, vessel, sunblock, bug spray, toiletries, towel, swimsuit, soap, water bottle/hydration pack for Saturday’s trail, hat, sunglasses, kilt/sarong/wrap for kilted beer yoga, flashlight/headlamps, jacket, pants for night-time, WATER, 2 pairs of running clothes, and serving utensils for your potluck item.

Suggested items: toilet paper (there are 2 toilets with running water and 2 porta potties), munchies (there are 3 meals on Saturday and breakfast Sunday provided), condoms, baby wipes, tent lights, battery-operated fans, booze, soda, onesie, food/coals to grill (there are a few small grills), firewood, s’mores, Tecnu, rubbing alcohol, and a first-aid kit.

Is there a pool?


What’s the parking situation?

Very limited—try to carpool.

You cannot bring an RV.

What’s cellphone service like?

Depending on your carrier, there is little to no reception once you drive up the mountain.

Can I show up and pay for just one of the trails or activities?


Is this a kid-friendly event?

Bring at your own risk… this is an uncensored hash event. Price for kids is $50.

What do the chili cook-off participants need to know?

Let Lick Me Tender know if you are entering the cook-off with another person (so we know how many entries we will have). You are responsible for heating your chili. There is not a power source. We have a small supply of dixie cups and spoons. We suggest bringing your own small cups to pass out your chili.

What do the tent-to-tent participants need to know?

Please let Lick Me Tender know if you are joining up with someone else for your shot check (so we know how many tents we will have). The GMs will be haring this trail. Have your shot/drink poured and ready to quickly distribute. Bring a table or a surface to place your shots on. Keep in mind, some people are impressed by the presentation and others are impressed by the taste of the drink.