The LBH3 of Southern California runs every Thursday evening during Spring and Summer and Sunday mornings in the Fall and Winter. Runs are only $5 and include dark and light keg beer, soda, water and munchies. Best deal on Earth! (note: bring your own cup)

Run 1635

Thursday 10/02 6:30 p.m.

Hares: 2 Yung 2 Du & Transcuntinental

Start: Long Beach Town Center (Behind Walmart) - 7460 Carson Blvd, Long Beach, CA

Run Fee: $5

Directions: Start is in Long Beach Towne Center park behind the Walmart. LFH!!

From the Hares: et excited....You are cordially invited to join tonight's hares 2 Yung 2 Du and Transcuntinental in celebrating International Day of No Prostitution. Run # 1635 offers beer and drink checks to lubricate your game so you might not have to paid to get lucky tonight. And we will have trail too. On On!

Bring a vessel, a virgin, a bag for the bag van, condoms, sponges, lube, a penguin and five dollars hash cash.